Giulio Crosara



April 30 th  until June 12 th 2016, Milano, Acquario Civico,  photographic installation ATTITUDE 1.0 2016.  Curators: Giovanni Pelloso, Elisabetta Polletto.
Dicember 4th until 6th 2015 and April 25th until May 5th 2016, Ramiseto Reggio Emilia Italy May 6th until 8th 2016, Reggio Emilia, The call of nature,  Giulio Crosara’s public installations, Circuito Off Fotografia Europea.
Dicember 4th until 6th 2015 and April 25th until May 5th 2016, Ramiseto Reggio Emilia Italy. Artist Resident: Valico Terminus. The call of nature of Giulio Crosara, project for Fotografia Europea 2016.  Curators: Nila Shabnam Bonetti, Giovanni Cervi.
February 6 th until 16 th February 2016, , MilanArea 35 Artfactory, international contemporary art contest: We Art International. Exposition of 15 finalist of the contest curated by Tobia Donà, project of No Title Gallery in collaboration with Area35 Artfactory.

November 7th 2015 until November 20th 2015,  Milano, ‘Palazzo della PERMANENTE’,Palio Artistico Milano EXPO 2015 – “Arte Energia dall’Immaginario” (Art as Energy of the Imaginary).
October 9th 2015 and lasting until October 24th 2015,  Milano at Galleria City Art “The balance of nature in the artifice of the night in Milan”Solo exhibition with installation, sculpture, photography for the ‘Day of the Contemporary’ organized by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums), inserted in Review PHOTOFESTIVAL.
– August 25th 2015 and lasting till September 3rd 2015 , Milano at Spazio SeiCentro “Smart Locution”Solo exhibition with installation, sculpture, photography and live crickets: curated by Nila Shabnam Bonetti and Mauro Mariani. Under the patronage of the town Comune di Milano-Zona 6, “SEICENTRO” and Associazione AmAMi.
– July 18th till August 6th 2015,  “Nuovo Spazio di Casso Sant’Antoni 1” in Casso (Comune of Erto e Casso -Pordenone) Exposure of the project “Sign of Shine”Site-specific installation for the Vajont dam selected and published by Dolomiti Contemporanee, an International Artistic competition launched in June 2014 as “A Call for a Line”, curated by Gianluca D’incà Levis.
– June 2nd till September 10th 2015, Eraclea (VENEZIA) Art resident SENSEofCOMMUNITY #13 Centro di Educazione Ambientale (Environmental educational Center) Oltre il mare “Behind the Sea”– relational device with author Giulio Crosara. 
– June 7th till 16th 2015 , Via Savona, 99 MILANO “Figura Acqua” – part III – at ‘Spazio SeiCentro A. Fois’ as part of the iniziative both Expo in Città and PHOTOFESTIVAL, Group exhibition.
– May 20th till June 5th 2015,
Milano  at “Spazio Soderini”, “Figura Acqua”part III Group exhibition.
– April 23rd till May 10th 2015 Milano
, Via Gadio 2 at Acquario Civico e Stazione Idrobiologica (Civic Aquarium and Hydrobiological Station) “Acqua per la vita” (“Water for Life”)photo- graphic exhibition of 13 selected artists inserted in the initiatives of PHOTOFESTIVAL and Expo in Città curated by Giovanni Pelloso and Elisabetta Polletto.

– November 28th till December 7th 2014,  Milano, Amy-d Arte Spazio economArt Gallery, Exhibition project “Out of Sight” within the WORLD DAY AGAINST AIDS, and round- table on December 1st; curated by Vanda Elisa Gatti & Anna d’Ambrosio. Site specific installation by Giulio Crosara: “Castelli in aria”
– October 24th till November 2nd 2014 Genova PALAZZO DUCALE, Sala del Munizioniere, Piazza Matteotti 9 – FESTIVAL della SCIENZA – GENOVA (SCIENCE FESTIVAL – in GENOA), “SPILLOVER” a project about nanotechnologies curated by Amy-d Arte e Spazio-economART . Site specific installation by Giulio Crosara: “The Smart Sponge”.
– October 10th till 19th, 2014
Venezia Castello 3865 Galleria SPIAZZI – Artist resident SENSEofCOMMUNITY#11: VENEZIA for the Tenth Day of the Contemporary – curated by Silvia Petronici
– August 9th to 19th 2014 FORTE STELLA (Monte Argentario) Tuscany – Artist resident SENSEofCOMMUNITY #9, curated by Silvia Petronici in collaboration with ADIACENZE. Resident curator: Francesca Rizzo.
– April 29th until May 25th 2014 Milano, Amy-d Arte Spazio economArt Gallery “Sulla riva di un’isola che svanisce” “GHORAMARA” (“On the Shore of the Island Vanishing”) Daesung Lee and Desktop Garden. Inserted in initiatives of PHOTOFESTIVAL.
– April 8th to 13th 2014 Milano, Via Procaccini 4 and Via Luigi Nono 7 – “The Secret Gardens” Interventions of contemporary art in the green areas of FABBRICA DEL VAPORE as part of events of “Fuorisalone di Milano Design”.

– December 15th 2013 Milano Piazza del Governo Provvisorio. On the inauguration of CASCINA TURRO Exhibition/artistic laboratory of year-end for youth from CAG-Tarabella, “Art in Social Laboratory”, conducted by the Group: Guppo   Relazioni Transculturali – GRT
– June 23th to 28th 2013 Lissone (Monza) Viale Padania MUSEO D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA SO/STARE Project – from a talk by Remo Salvadori and Alberto Zanchetta; exhibition at the MUSEO D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA of Lissone photographic project
– May 2nd to 30th 2013 TRIENNALE of Milano on: “Milano & Oltre. Una visione in movimento” (“Milano & Beyond. A Vision in Motion”) edited by: Connecting Cultures – leading director: Anna Detheridge.
April 14th 2013 Milano Via De Amicis 17. Cloister ex-CONVENTO DI SANTA MARIA VITTORIA – solo exhibition, Black-Sheep Event.

September 30th 2012 in Milano – Performance held during the event “TAKE ON ME!” Edited by: “Laboratorio Alchemico”.
– May 19th 2012,  Milano Via Agordat ANFITEATRO DELLA MARTESANA. “Arte nel sociale” (“Art in Social”), Festivity of Via Padova in collaboration with: GRT, Parada Italia, COMIN, Cassiopea, TS1C, CAG Tarabella.
– April 26th 2012, Milano Via Formentini 10 (Brera Area) within the former S. Carpoforo Church Group exhibition conceived basing the fruition via the video tool.

– June 22th to 24th 2011, Milano, Via private Assab 1 c/o ASSAB ONE “All’inizio non era un’isola” (“In the beginning it Was not an Island”) curated by Remo Salvadori, “Here” interactive photo- graphic performance.
-May 21st 2011,
Milano, Piazza Miani (Miani Place) PUBLIC INSTALLATION “Miani si fa guardare”
 Selected artist in the competition 2010/11 “Milano & Oltre” (“Milano & Beyond”). With Claudia Losi and the direction of Anna Detheridge

Giulio Crosara trained as a professional photographer in Milan.
Starting from photography as an expression medium, while declining the two-dimensionality of the medium through “installations”, he developed the poetry of his works performing public participations, laboratories, artistic collective actions and relational devices.
His research is based on a conceptual approach, the metaphysical thinking meets the material one through his experiments involving new materials.
Since 2014 he is taking part in “Spillover”, a project concerning nano-technologies by Amy-D ArteSpazio, introduced him at the Genoa Science Festival, with his project “The Smart Sponge”.
The national circulation newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, inside its Supplement “Innovazione” (Innovation), dedicated the paper article titled: “L’Arte incontra il Grafene” (The Art Meets the Graphene).
He has exhibited in several exhibitions an residencies, solo and Group, among them the “Triennale di Milano”, the “Festival della Scienza di Genova” (Genoa Science Festival), the “Spiazzi Gallery” of Venice, Museum of Contemporary Art Lissone, “Palazzo della Permanente di Milano”, Circuito Off Fotografia Europea 2016, Fabbrica del Vapore, ASSAB ONE and “Amy-D ArteSpazio”.
To trigger the transmission of what he wants to communicate, he is feeling the need to perform. The artistic action that he’s carrying out is accomplished by the accompaniment of the viewer to another direction/dimension. Like a door that opens onto an inner world in which the viewer is called to enter. And it is there, in this intimate sharing between artist and audience that takes the art “momentum” now. It is neither simple nor immediate, but it is an act so deep to knock down walls and undermine certainties as well.
In 2015 he introduces “Smart Locution” simultaneously with MILANO EXPO 2015, an art project that explores about the coordinated group behavior in animals using 2,000 live hyperactive, organized and engulfing crickets.The crickets, in addition to be the food of the future, feed on cotton photographic printings, reworking so his individual work in favor of an awareness that looks to the crowd and making, at the same time, the prints unique.